GRINTECH lenses as Needle Endomicroscopes

GRIN Needle Endomicroscopes are used for deep tissue imaging. They relay the micron-scale resolved image of the tissue over a longer length to a plane outside of the tissue at the other end of the needlescope. Beside other modalities, they are frequently used for multi-photon fluorescence imaging (Design Wavelength 860 nm).

The Endomicroscopes are fabricated as GRIN-singlets with NA = 0.50 on both sides or as GRIN-doublets with an object NA of 0.5 and an image NA of 0.19. Working distances on object side are specified in water or tissue, on image side in air.

In this webshop, we offer the most popular GRIN singlets and doublets for fast delivery. These lenses work also at different wavelengths and working distances than specified. Image planes shift accordingly due to chromatic abberation and the imaging conditions. For further details, please refer to our web page

Please note our partnership with Inscopix as our exclusive distributor for the field of non-confocal, single photon epi-fluorescence imaging for neuroscience applications in non-humans.  So we kindly ask you, to not use the ordered products within the mentioned application field. During the ordering process, you will be asked to check the according statement.

GRIN Needle Endomicroscope doublet, diameter 1.0 mm GRIN Needle Endomicroscope singlet, diameter 1.0 mm GRIN Needle Endomicroscope doublet, diameter 0.50 mm
Length 8.10 mm 4.38 mm 9.89 mm
  Working distance in water (object side)
Working distance in water
(object side)
250 µm 250 µm 250 µm
  Working distance in air image side)
Working distance in air
(image side)
100 µm 100 µm 100 µm
  Design Wavelength
Design Wavelength 860 nm 860 nm 860 nm
  NA object side / image side
NA object side / image side 0.50 / 0.19 0.50 / 0.50 0.50 / 0.19
  Magnification Image / Object
Magnification Image / Object -2.6 : 1 -1 : 1 2.6 : 1
  Product Code
Product Code NEM-100-25-10-860-DS NEM-100-25-10-860-S NEM-050-25-10-860-DM